The government sets sectoral, industrial and agricultural loans banks exchange mechanisms ACQUIRE 66% of them equally

Long-Presse / Baghdad Announced the Office of the Prime Minister, on Sunday, for private banks sectoral loan disbursements Balbalgh five trillion dinars controls, indicating that the industrial and agricultural banks obtained the 66 percent of them equally, while all of the Land Bank and housing fund got 17 percent each and every one of them.

A member of the Commission on the Status special program of the Central Bank loan mechanisms, head of the Iraqi Business Council, David Abdul Zayer, in a statement received (long-Presse) a copy of it, that "the Office of the Prime Minister, announced his own regardless of sectoral banks loans according to the Central Bank's program mechanisms Iraqi, amounting to five trillion dinars, "noting that" the mechanisms identified two percent annual rate as interest and set repayment period of five years which can be extended as needed. " He Zayer, that "the mechanisms ratified by the crisis cell in the Office of the Prime Minister, distributed amounts between sectoral banks," noting that "the industrial and agricultural bank obtained on the proportion of 33 percent of the total loan, while the Real Estate Bank and housing fund got 17 percent each and every one of them, of the loan. "

The member of the Commission on the Status own program of central bank credit mechanisms, that "the Commission has developed ratings agricultural, industrial and real estate projects, and gave the bank the powers granted preliminary approval for the project in exchange for a letter of guarantee provided by the borrower of not less than five percent of the loan amount, confiscated in the event of failure to implement the ratio 20 percent of the project, eliminating the need for the letter of guarantee in case achieved that percentage, "calling industrialists and farmers who wish to mortgage" Viewing mechanisms issued by the cell crisis, the Office of the Prime Minister, to take advantage of loans granted under the Iraqi Central Bank's lending program. "
He commended Zayer, the "efforts by the central bank and the members of the cell crisis, banking sector, being fielded stakeholders are all putting," returned that "it is a step confirms the seriousness of the government to involve everyone in the vital files in the management of the country."

He said a member of the Commission on the Status own program of central bank credit mechanisms, that "issuance of government, and the Office of the Prime Minister specifically, mechanisms of lending so quickly as involving the facilities serving the beneficiary and keeps the public money, is a new platform to facilitate the procedures and overcome the red tape they promised knot the executive branch in its government. "

He appealed Zayer, the government "to continue to pursue this promising project, which would have a role in moving the economy and create jobs and stimulate the agricultural and industrial sectors as well as interested in real estate loans," warning "Allow any administrative obstruction or routinely limit the effectiveness of the project to achieve its objectives specific. "
The cell crisis, adopted (23 August 2015), lending which is funded by the Iraqi Central Bank in the amount of five trillion dinars for the sectors of industry, agriculture and housing program, while instructed the Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi, immediately proceed with the necessary procedures.

The central bank announced, in (the eighth of August 2015), the launch of an initiative to support the agricultural, industrial, real estate and housing fund sector banks with loans amounting to five trillion dinars, while counting the initiative "a good step" for the recovery of the economic situation and liquidity, confirmed they come to avoid foreign loans .