Iraq conducts first airstrikes on IS using U.S. jets

Iraqi Air Force carries out its first airstrikes against Islamic State targets using warplanes delivered from the United States and purchased by the Iraqi government. Gavino Garay reports.

As U.S.-led coalition jets refuel in the sky in their operation targeting Islamic State fighters... there's a new type of warplane in the sky. Iraqi forces have received four F-16 warplanes from the United States that have already taken flight. Defense officials say they're being flown by Iraqi airmen trained in the States. Defense Minister Khaled Al Obaidi. (SOUNDBITE) (Arabic), DEFENSE MINISTER KHALED AL OBAIDI, SAYING: "These planes have been put into action by our Air Force and they will be used in attacking any target assigned by the Iraqi Air Force.

Definitely they will have a positive impact in the battles in the future. They carried out more than 15 sorties and most of the strikes were precise and direct" U.S. defense officials say their coalition carried out 21 air strikes on Islamic State forces in Iraq and Syria on Saturday. This comes as British Prime Minister David Cameron considers calling a vote in parliament that could pave the way for more air strikes against IS in Syria...aimed at stemming the influx of Syrian war refugees at the source. The civil war raging in Syria has led to the largest migrant crisis since World War Two. Syria's foreign ministry has slammed the UK for what it calls "brazen standpoints" by British officials with a "colonialist" agenda.