Follow-up to the implementation of the reform beams ..heik d. Hamoudi instructs to expedite the legislation and social security law calls for the board to refer the integrity to eliminate corrupt files

Member of the board instructed the Presidency of the Council of Representatives Sheikh d. Hamoudi to of services, labor and women, financial and health parliamentary committees to expedite the provision of a common vision for the legislation of the Social Security Act to ensure that all Iraqis a decent living and adequate housing and carry the state salary than does the job to him until they find the right job for him. He called Sheikh d. Hamoudi Integrity Commission to activate its own procedures to refer the files of corruption and especially armament contracts and the sale and lease of state property to the judiciary.
This came through official Mkhatabath urgent of all the relevant parliamentary committees and some bodies and institutions, in support of the reform project called by the foremost authority and to follow up the implementation of the beams Alnibaah and government reforms.