The central bank announced the largest funding for industry, agriculture, housing

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - The Central Bank of Iraq, to ​​begin launching the largest funding for programs lending operation in Iraq belong to the first of which finance the industrial, agricultural and housing sectors and in the amount of five trillion Iraqi dinars lend through specialized banks (agricultural, industrial, real estate, and the Fund Housing).

While the second private banks financed amount trillion Iraqi dinars in support of small and medium-sized enterprises, above and programs designed to revitalize the Iraqi economy and provide real opportunities to maximize the country's resources to stimulate the private sector and reduce unemployment.

At a time when the central bank let the citizens of the small and medium entrepreneurs as well as stakeholders from the industrial and agricultural, and specialists to review the banks above to take advantage of these programs, it calls upon those banks completion of transactions its own administrative and financial procedures required speed and accuracy while ensuring speed access that money to recipients and implement their own projects.