Parliament held its meeting tomorrow and its agenda without voting on the National Guard Law

Brother - Baghdad - Hold the House of Representatives, on Tuesday, without its usual to include his agenda, vote on the draft law of the National Guard as scheduled, according to the announcement that President of the Council, Salim al yesterday.

It includes the agenda, according to a statement of the Council received for News Agency (et) a copy of it, directing "question to the Ministers of Agriculture and Water Resources of MP Khalid al-Asadi, and vote on the draft to impose fees on vehicles Act for the purposes of street maintenance and bridges."

It also includes "The first reading of the draft law on ratification Atagafah members of diplomatic and special passport holders and the service feature of access between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and the first reading of the draft debugging in bonds and the decisions of agricultural land settlement Act."

The statement pointed out, that "the first reading of the proposed abolition of the Revolutionary Command Council Resolution Act [dissolved] No. 21 of 2000, the [proposed annexation of the hotel and tourism institutes to the Ministry of Education Act], with the second reading of the draft accession of the Republic of Iraq to the law, the 1988 protocol on the Convention International Safety of Life at Sea of 1974".

"The second reading of the draft law amending the Association of Accountants and Almedkaan Act, and the second reading of the draft reform law reviews and depositors, and the second reading of the draft anti-money laundering and financing of terrorism law" will be listed on the agenda.

The House of Representatives has been postponed in its Sunday the adoption of the National Guard Law to next week [current] with the continuing differences around him, which is concentrated on the reference of these forces, where the National Alliance wants to be linked to the general commander of the armed forces and form of the people of all the provinces while Union forces and the Kurds wanted to be related to local governments of the provinces, and that is composed of people of the province itself.

The President of the Council stressed Saleem al-Jubouri, the intention of Parliament yesterday on the approval of the draft law in the National Guard Tuesday's session [tomorrow].