Opening manufacturers to assemble and produce Chery cars and Kia in Babylon

Opened the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, assembly and production of Chery cars and Kia in the province of Babylon manufacturers is the first of its kind in Iraq.
According to a ministry statement, received by the agency all of Iraq [where], a copy of "The minister Mohammed Darraji, assembly and production of Chery cars and Kia manufacturers opened in the General Company for the automotive industry in the province of Babylon, were the first manufacturers of their kind in Iraq. The statement said that the production of the cars Tico and Quinn will be Iraqi hands 100% and a production capacity of 24 cars per day, producing cars Kia saloon [Cairns, Cerato, Optima, Pecatu and cars pregnancy kinds production capacity of 20 cars per day world-class collaboration with the two Chinese Chery and Kia Korean which it has furnished production lines and train employees in accordance with the best technical specifications adopted Iraq has to be in the ranks of the combined State and the manufacturer of the car. "

The statement quoted Darraji in a press statement, saying that "this day saw the opening of the production line of the car Iraqi Furat by the General Company for the manufacture of cars will be produced in cooperation with the Chinese Chery modern specifications and favorable prices and the opening of the production of Korean cars Kia line collects Iraqi 100% to be added to the types of cars Other that the company having produced good as cars, and Babylon said, and Ur, and others. "

He noted the "Start and First Avenue steps to manufacture 100% Iraqi car," pointing to "guidance on the re-production of cars bus [RIM] modern Bmodellat for use in public transport."
He stressed Darraji to "move towards participation and investment with local, Arab and foreign private sector companies and provide all possible facilities to encourage investors in line with the state's strategy in the national industry building especially in light of the current situation, which passes by the country's economic crisis facing."

He stressed that "the ministry's keenness to continue to support all the capabilities available to the Forces and the security forces of the popular crowd to perform their national duty in confronting the terrorist elements," noting that "the ministry is going serious and correct pace towards re-military industries and production of ammunition and weapons after the composition of the defense industry in the ministry linked to General Commander of the Armed Forces ".

He called on Minister of Industry and the media to "contribute to the national campaign to encourage the Iraqi product and re logo [Made in Iraq] directed through them invitation to Iraqi citizens for the acquisition of the domestic product and encouragement in order to ensure the success of this campaign," calling on the concerned ministries ie water resources, defense and the Municipality of Baghdad to "take advantage of the Specialized mechanisms and wheels are available in the General Company for the automotive industry, "M.

The minister said "the intention of opening shows for direct sale to all kinds of vehicles produced in Baghdad and the provinces."
The statement said that "the minister held a meeting with officials of the General Company for the automotive industry and toured the company's plants and briefed on production lines and inspect the conditions of workers, in which the expressed wise direction on the development of the work and performance continued to improve and increase the production capacity, according to studies on the need for the domestic market, has also In the framework of this visit to inspect the progress of work at the Furat State Company for Chemical Industries and discussed ways to activate the production and operation of new projects ".