The responsibility of maintaining the momentum of the demonstrations and patriotism ..

He wrote to me many friends why he did not stop at the negative aspects of striking demonstrations took during successive weeks.So is some of the allowed himself to claim its leadership despite suspicions about his behavior and his motives and purposes, that could be among the causes of their decline and weakening momentum.

Quite simply, that the demonstrations are the lady herself, and all the protesters is the banner of the banners of reform, if it is keen to express its implications and concerns expressed by the political and moral credibility raking avoided what Psoah and relate to people and their interests Almstbahp issues.In all matters relating to public affairs, and protest movements among them, it may be exposed to something like "hacker" or circumvent them from within, and show it and push it out of the general national contexts, in order to subject them to the interests of factional and personal and other ambitions and purposes suspicious.But such alienation or circumvent will not remain away from the exposure on the living forces of mobility, and Her real completion of its objectives and functions of interest.These interests do not correspond with those who want to curtail movement and demonstrations, and converted to a personal platforms.

Some have forgotten or suspicion that the demonstrations came in response to "Post" in Facebook, or gathering of a few media professionals, including who holds public concern and wants a real salvation, and did not realize that people do not go out to the fields of protest to satisfy personal or abstract calls desire, without be objective and subjective conditions have matured, and have made the violation of dignity and humiliation of her life and the violation of freedoms platform for protest and rejection and allow them to go out as a means to repair their conditions and end of each violation and the violation and abuse.

Such features constitute a factor of burnout protests and retreat circumvented factors, if marred by protest movements, or tried to load-bearing elements of Obaiha subduction them and give slogans do not reflect the heart of its objectives, the gatherings are unique to, in an attempt to highlight what is secondary to what the demands and goals key.

To protest, change and reform "language" mouthpiece together protesters moral and political, which renounces the language of Alrthath insults and exposure even Balvasudain or are responsible for the destruction of the country and the destruction and looting of their wealth, and put one-third of the country under the road and herds sector authority Daash and all the factions of terrorism and organized crime.

The reform, as it wants to resort to the Constitution, Law and Justice, puts the accused in front of the people's authority represented by the three powers, legislative, judicial and executive, even if there is a 'Ur in the Constitution or laws are not consistent with the rights, justice and equality, or marred by Parliament as seen by some or all disadvantages and shortcomings, make some of its members or all of them deprived of the representation of the popular will, or hovering around them suspicions of corruption or weakness of will.Also it comes to dealing with the executive branch or someone Abadi.Despite the corruption of the dominant political class on the power of decision, the how the Tsar it reform process management requires a degree of reliance on the Constitution and taking into account the powers and adapting what does not respond to the lawsuit reform, including possible limits of minimum commitment list legitimacy which lost its legitimacy in the eyes of the protesters, but the loss of legitimacy is The other need and the forces driving mechanisms.

During the evolution of the demonstrations from week to week, it was jamming on demonstrators by raising secondary logos or sometimes impossible at other times.The demand for the abolition or disable the Constitution, the dissolution of Parliament and the government, and the declaration of a state of emergency, problematic and raises concern even among advocates of reform, and even more dangerous than it would unite the opponents of reform and rearrangement of alliances and the search for methods"Legitimacy" in the face of the reform process to empty it of its substance and essence.

Such demands raise a legitimate question as to who entrusted with the legislation, the judiciary and implementation authorities under martial law and the absence of any authority have the character of "legitimate" even lower limits.!

Even if we assume that such logos possible application, however, it becomes necessary to stop at an early election requirements, free and fair and reflect the will of the advocates of reform and change.?
Among the slogans the storm, that claim to prosecute corrupt judges.And I can assure you I am interested since the change monitor the situation of the judiciary and its affairs, that the reform of the judiciary needs to be one of two ways, either Caesarean surgery or correctional court plan rebuild just spend can contribute to building a civil democratic state, a state of institutions, human rights and social justice.

All of this has nothing to do with any retaliation logo, or reflects Alrthath and the corruption of language and logo, and contrary to the demands reflect the interests and personal tendencies isolated ..

It may be that the recent demonstrations were not numerically satisfactory, but this should not be a cause for frustration and retreat or any level of despair ..