Jubouri confirms the three presidencies agreement to attend the "Doha"

Confirmed media adviser to the Speaker of the Parliament Ahmed Mahjoub, Sunday, that the subject of the visit of Prime parliament Saleem al-Jubouri to Qatar was proposed by Congress three presidencies, and in between he was briefed Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi all the details before going to Qatar, noted that al-Jubouri, will visit Tehran in 12 of the current month.

He said Mahjoub "The visit of the Speaker of Parliament to Doha has to build on a previous invitation of the Government of Qatar and Zamntha invitation of Iran in one context is to support the political process and reforms and reconciliation," noting that "go to Qatar was an important national sacred should be carried out by al-Jubouri."

The restricted, that "the subject of Qatar's visit was discussed in the meeting of the three presidencies," noting that "it was informed Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on all the details of the visit before going to Qatar."

He pointed out that "the parliament speaker spoke with heads of political blocs before it goes to Qatar."

He explained that "al-Jubouri visit to Qatar lasted eight hours and has accompanied the Iraqi Embassy from the airport to the airport," noting that "al-Jubouri asked to move from the hotel, which was scheduled to reside because of the presence of some opposition factions," he said.

He added that "Iraq's ambassador to Qatar request permission to participate in the conversations Jubouri and accompany him in his conversations and presented a detailed report on all the meetings a report," pointing out that "al-Jubouri, was not unique to any dialogue and the Ambassador was accompanied from the moment of his arrival to the airport until his departure."

In a separate context, Mahjoub said that "al-Jubouri, will visit Tehran on the 12th of this month," stressing that "Iraq has the intention to change from the inside and needs to support friends, neighbors and brothers."

The al-Jubouri, arrived Thursday (3 September 2015), to Qatar and discussed with Qatari Prime Minister and Interior Minister Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al Thani, supporting the political process in Iraq and national reconciliation file.