Abadi prevents customize any seat of pilgrimage to the House of Representatives and the three presidencies and officials

Sun, 06 Sep 2015 14:03:12

Prevent Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi customize any of the seat of pilgrimage to the officials and the three presidencies. A statement by his office had received "the news agency Sama Baghdad," al-Abadi wasn "face not to grant any seat for the Hajj draw out any of the officials and others among them presidencies, ministers and MPs." The head of the Office of the pilgrims of Iraq Affairs and Chairman of the Hajj and Umrah [agency] Khalid al-Attiyah denied categorically yesterday during a press conference held upon his arrival to the city of Medina, "the existence of any state to grant a special parliamentarians or officials approval, stressing that the principle that worked by the Commission has committed itself to do is that does not get any share exceeded the citizens, especially as the quota for Iraq pilgrims fully given to the citizens who participated and won their seats by lot. " He Attiyah "must be borne in mind that Saudi Arabia give some seats as a courtesy of some personalities and officials of a number of countries and Iraq is part of it and therefore if you have seen any Iraqi official Vtocdoa he did not come through the body but through dedicated to these seats by the Saudi authorities, declaring "granting the Saudi embassy in Amman visas to some officials