Parliamentary exclude financial dealing in the currency of the new Daash in Mosul

Twilight News - parliamentary Finance Committee / she said, Sunday, that the new currency, which announced the organization of Daash close the deal in the city of Mosul is the announcement of a propaganda more than realistic.

Said committee member Ahmed Sarhan Twilight News, he said that "the announcement by gangs Aldaashah issuance of a new currency of gold, silver and copper can not be handled in the city of Mosul, which is only a propaganda impossible to apply on the ground in the city of Mosul."

Ahmed explained that "any currency issued by any party must be internationally recognized in order to be traded, and as long as Aldaashah gangs are classified as a terrorist organization will not be writing for a global currency, which announced the issuance of success in business dealings."

Daash organization and published last week on sites affiliated video shows coined a new currency of gold, silver and copper, alleged members of the organization in the video start dealing in the new currency in the markets of the city of Mosul this month.

The organization announced last November that it will begin its own currency instrument in areas under his control, in an attempt to liberate himself from the "satanic world economic order".