Change surprised Barzani's remarks on the referendum, the people, are going to the parliamentary system

Special scales News - Confirmed the MP for the mass change parliamentary Shirin Reza, Sunday, had no right to the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, to continue to assume the presidency of the province of New because he is currently the interim position, expressing surprise of the statement Barzani that in case it is not a solution by Kurdish blocs We will go to the power-grab referendum of the people.

She's satisfaction / scales News / "The Kurdish political blocs in the process of approval of the change from a presidential system to a parliamentary," asserting that "after the conversion system in the Kurdistan region will agree all the Kurdish political blocs on who should be the presidency of the region."

She MP for the mass change of parliamentary "Any person who believes that he can presided over the province by the same nomination, but the availability of certain conditions," asserting that "so far, one to not run for presidency of the province until they reached to change the system of government in Kurdistan agreement."

Satisfaction and noted that "the mandate of the President of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani ended and had no right to take over presidency of the province, which is currently the interim position," adding that "most of Kurdish political blocs with regime change."

It was hoped that "the last meeting held today between the five Kurdish parties to resolve the extension of the mandate, Massoud Barzani, the outgoing".

The "Kurdistan region is going through a complex political crisis over the presidency of the region and the end of the mandate of Massoud Barzani, as demanded four parties (the Patriotic Union of -altgier - Islamic Union - the Islamic Community) step down Barzani of power and regime change in the region from the presidential system to a parliamentary system and the selection of the President New from parliament, "while the Democratic Party that refuses and calls for early elections to resolve the political problems and differences," .anthy 29/4 e