Vice holds previous governments lose $ 600 billion
Date: 05/09/2015 16:35

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Bloc MP for download Salim Chawki, Saturday, previous governments the responsibility of corrupt deals in the purchase of weapons contracts and waste of public funds.

Said Shawki told / information / "The previous governments, the executive, legislative and judicial their authorities bear all the legal consequences in the purchase of arms deals that hover around suspicions of corruption in addition to the loss of more than $ 600 billion without the presence of its own final accounts," "likely that there would be figures and banks and civil government is accused of corruption issues. "

He added that "the current government is committed to the recommendations of the religious authority and Ptoukitat reforms announced by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to purge all state institutions of the rampant corruption in it."

The religious reference in her speech stressed on Friday the need for large capital accounting of corruption and forwarded to the judiciary. Finished / 25's