Al-Jabouri between politicians and diplomatic anvil

Roodao-differences and diverging views among Iraqi politicians about the Qatar Conference and share political poles accused of terrorism, and visit Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jabouri to Qatar in conjunction with the Conference.

Al-jubouri had caused the sudden visit to Doha in the political center, and several parliamentarians demanded his dismissal, but it requires the consent of two-thirds of the 157 members, any members.

Abbadi announced earlier "rejection to the Doha Conference because of the lack of coordination with country road", but al-Jabouri's Office stressed that "the recent visit to Qatar was the official invitation and not personalised".

The Office said in a statement that "the visit of al-Jabouri to Qatar came upon an official invitation from the Qatari government, explaining that she came to promote the development of bilateral relations between the two countries, especially it's undergoing maturation and diplomatic exchange of ambassadors, and the timing of the visit at this stage to support the development of relations between the two countries".

On the other hand, said Haider Al-Abadi, a source close to "the Conference in Qatar came without detailed advance coordination with Iraq therefore rejected Prime Minister and called on political parties not to participate in it, indicating that it has been communicated to interested States the position of Iraq from this Conference were issued to invitees clearer directives not to participate".

While the State of law Coalition mp "Haidar Sattar sire", in a statement "that the coalition would stand firm against those involved in the Doha Conference, pointing out that sitting with the murderers of the Iraqi people is not fit to be represented to them".

Either the Union of Iraqi forces is also collecting signatures to impeach al-Jabouri about the substance of his visit to Iran on the pretext that "the Iranian Government does not respect the sovereignty of Iraq".

The President described the Civic Democratic Alliance, for example Al-aloosi, politicians who participate in the Doha Conference by mercenaries and deserve death.

Political sources revealed the names of participating opposition figures such as Muthana Hareth Dhari, Ali Hatem, and Tariq al-Hashimi, and Rafi Al-Issawi, and Khamis dagger and other characters.