Balsour..aldiluaah flying the Iraqi note is the longest in the world in an initiative for peace and coexistence

[Baghdad-where] raise the people of South Dhuluiya Mjafezh Salahuddin today note of the Iraqi flag hoisted tallest in the world. Came the initiative in cooperation between the good intentions organization and the local administration of the town of Dhuluiya., Said Hamid cream gentle Mayor Dhuluiya told all of Iraq [where] "raise the longest Iraqi flag with a length of 1,300 meters and a width of 4 meters and a half meter was the day's longest flag in the world." He added that " choose Dhuluiya to raise this flag came to its heroic in dealing with gangs Daash expiatory, where Iraqis fought various categories and sects side by side in order to be aware of Iraq remains high Khvaca Ervv above all. "He said nice that" the flag was raised near a cemetery Hama Diar [cemetery martyrs] in Dhuluiya, containing the remains of 135 martyrs of the people of Dhuluiya and 35 of the sons of Iraq, others who were martyred in defense of pride and dignity. "He said the" the Iraqi flag the longest of its kind near the Martyrs Cemetery came in honor of the martyrs and their role in achieving victory over the gangs of satisfaction. "He said Mayor Dhuluiya that "the spark of resistance, which was launched in Dhuluiya against these infidels gangs have contributed in a valley sectarian strife which tried to terrorists ignited, stressing that the position of Dhuluiya and country of enhanced national cohesion when the moratorium description of one particular common enemy for them."
It is noteworthy that Dhuluiya in the province of Salah al-Din generally withstood terrorist Daash gangs and Qatlth for six and a half months, despite its exposure to more than 118 major terrorist attacks, some under the supervision of Daash leader, known as Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi himself, and bombed more than 3,500 mortar rounds, but the will of steadfastness and courage to the people of the city and a private clan Jabour support of the popular crowd prevented However, its fall Daash.anthy gangs