Democratic: the four parties will answer to the new project at the meeting tomorrow Quintet

Twilight News / announced the Kurdistan Democratic Party, which claimed by Massoud Barzani, president of Kurdistan province, Saturday, waiting for it to offer four parties, on Sunday, her answer on the three options presented by the party to them in the previous meeting on the five-year presidency of the region to resolve the crisis The party said in a statement posted on his official website and I followed Twilight News, said the meeting will be held tomorrow at eleven o'clock in the morning with the participation of five parties (Democratic National Union of Kurdistan and the Movement for Change and the Islamic Union and the Islamic Community) in Arbil. The statement quoted a member of the Democratic delegation to the meetings of Falla unique she did not know until now whether tomorrow's meeting is the last meeting or followed by other meetings ?, afterthought now that the meetings are going well, hoping to reach the combined parties at the meeting tomorrow with the consensus.
She added that the Kurdistan Democratic Party submitted three proposals to the other parties is likely to have a post in tomorrow's meeting, pointing out that the organization of the powers and authorities do not have a problem with her party on them and it's going well, as described.

She said that remains is how to elect the President of the Kurdistan Region Will it be through direct election by the people or by referendum or by electing from within Parliament in the next session of the fifth?

The five main parties in the region have held a series of previous meetings which did not reach a comprehensive solution that satisfies all parties so far, while it was agreed that paragraph 13 related to the powers and powers of the president of the region with views vary on the election, including the region's president mechanism.