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CanTWaitwoRV: I got a good article over here

BGG CanTWaitwoRV: Well bring it and we'll talk it over.

CanTWaitwoRV BGG: Sources: Officials and deputies left the Green Zone since Thursday night for fear of demonstrations

September 04 .2015 - 18:29 |
Someruz / Bgdadegalt parliamentary sources informed on Friday that the majority of residents of officials in the Green Zone in the center of the capital, left their homes and decided not to return to it until the end of the demonstrations in Tahrir Square.
The sources for "Sommer News" today, said that "the majority of officials, deputies and their families living in the Green Zone are rushing to leave their homes in the wake of the escalation of the ongoing wave of demonstrations and protests in Tahrir Square, the end of the month of July."
She explained that "the House of Representatives, officials and politicians and their families are leaving the Green Zone since the evening of Thursday night and Aaaudon it until Saturday morning after the end of the demonstrations."

CanTWaitwoRV BGG: It showed that "the fear of a rising tide of protests and demonstrators break into the green area behind the departure of officials and their families to stay with their relatives in other parts of the capital until the end of the demonstrations."

He noted that "some MPs and officials prefer to return to their provinces before the start of the demonstrations, while others packed their bags to travel to the Kurdistan region and return on Sunday."

CanTWaitwoRV BGG: looks like the roaches are leaving

BGG CanTWaitwoRV: I think they are "overly afraid" of the Friday demonstrations...

CanTWaitwoRV BGG: yep....those passive aggressive wall flower tree huggers

BGG CanTWaitwoRV: - funny that Baghdidi's are travelling to Kurdistan for safety's sake.

BGG rcookie: You have a topic??

rcookie: Standard & Poor's credit classified Iraq for the first time
Standard & Poor's said it ranked first sovereign debt of Iraq and awarded him the degree of "B minus", and attributed the granting of this low-grade credit to the gravity of the threats to the country, most notably the circuit between Iraqi forces and war organization of the Islamic state.
American foundation said in a statement that "Iraq faces security and institutional risk", pointing out that these risks are "the highest among all the countries that are its sovereign debt evaluation."
Standard & Poor's reported that there are difficulties in establishing permanent institutions in Iraq because of the existing divisions between the constituent communities of the country, and between risk also pressure on the budget due to the large drop in oil prices globally, which constitutes a significant risk to investors.

rcookie: Stable look

On the other hand, the institution pointed out that Iraq has huge reserves and has significant oil exports, which prompted Standard & Poor's to attach a credit rating outlook stable outlook, pointing out that the economic growth of the country will remain stable in the medium term due to the surge in crude production, which will ease pressures on the budget.
And Iraq is expected to grow by 5% in the next three years, according to Standard & Poor's estimates that the economy will grow this year by 0.3%, the Foundation also expects oil production of the country in the past year increases of 3.1 million barrels per day to five million a year 2018.
The Fitch credit rating awarded Iraq early August / August last for the first time assigned a credit and gave him the same degree awarded by Standard & Poor's, while not issued by Moody's reducing time any classification, and are the three largest institutions and rating agencies and credit in the world.

BGG rcookie: I think this is along the lines of WB/IMF implied "punishment" as anything - what say you??

rcookie: And comes Baghdad for the first credit ratings as it seeks to issue bonds international value of five billion dollars, it is the first since 2006, in order to rebalance the public finances of the country, which are found in a difficult situation as a result of declining oil revenues and rising government spending.

rcookie: exactly...BGG what the IMF outlined in their G20 preamble with Central Banks & Finance Ministers meeting in Turkey. They need the structural reforms to support the private sector transition

"Iraq faces security and institutional risk", pointing out that these risks are "the highest among all the countries that are its sovereign debt evaluation."

BGG rcookie: "structural reforms" as is - get rid of Maliki and ditch the corruption...

rcookie: Exactly!

BGG rcookie: "institutional risk" - very interesting choice of words...
BGG rcookie: meaning - a threat to their institutions...

rcookie: here is the link for the IMF Playbook...http://www.imf.org/external/np/g20/pdf/2015/090415.pdf

BGG: Quite honestly folks - the news is a real mixed bag. Some good - some not so good.
BGG: and some downright confusing...
BGG: personally - I think it's all about these reforms right now.
BGG: I sure hope Abadi hasn't bitten off more than he can chew.

BGG: there is one report of Khomenei and Ameri both "supporting" Mahmoud (a Shia) which should be a dead-giveaway as to what has been going on in Iraq up until now.

rcookie: while every other province in the country has thousands demonstrating for his head!

BGG: I also hope the "rank-and-file" in Iraq rejects such sectarian support from outside the country

BGG rcookie: Yup - and that is a point worth noting - the demonstrations calling for Mahmoud to step down are sounding more and more legit today...

rcookie: especially Sistani...demanding action not words!

BGG rcookie: whereas the last few mentions (and pics) were not looking too serious...
BGG rcookie: totally agreed - Sistani is for real


BGG quicktolegit96: it does not.
BGG quicktolegit96: that is just an illustrated weakness in whatever currency the IQD is being compared to on the calculator (at any given time).

CanTWaitwoRV: more like I got something to add to the rcookie post...

BGG CanTWaitwoRV: Please do!!

: https://twitter.com/HayderSH/status/639830990790103040
CanTWaitwoRV BGG: protestors are closing down govt buildings

BGG CanTWaitwoRV: Sweet!!

Pablo: Do we have any more updates on when these laws are going to be voted on?

BGG Pablo: Not that I know of - further - I am skeptical of legit updates anywhere we might have access to them...
BGG Pablo: I just don't think - unless they are advertised... that what we hear is legit.

rcookie: Investment Law next week

BGG Pablo: IMHO...

BGG rcookie: and that (as long as it is "in ink") I'll go with - which BTW...
BGG rcookie: is very good.

rcookie: Holly had it

BGG rcookie: She is a great researcher.

rcookie: Social Security & Pensions today

rcookie: I think it is smelling like some big military/security moves in the near future...7000 new soldiers ready to go in Anbar...JCCC headquarters being established in Erbil for Mosul attack

rcookie: 2000 US soldiers confirmed to be front line implemented in ANBAR

BGG rcookie: I noted that - I was curious about the 7,000 tribal fighters willing to help with the liberation of Anbar.
BGG rcookie: very curious.

BGG rcookie: they haven't been able to rally the Sunnis to fight (thus far) - curious what has changed the tide??


quicktolegit96: $$$ THEY KNOW WHAT IS AT STAKE MAYBE $$$

BGG quicktolegit96: very well could be...

rcookie: Also reports today that Peshmerga getting weapons for 1st time since May

BGG: OK gang - thanks for tuning in...
BGG: I apologize, we were not at all prepared for having to step in for Round Table - we'll do better next time