The parliamentary advocate seeks dismissal of Salim Al-Juburi
04/09/2015 14:04

The parliamentary advocate block behind Abdul Samad, deputies gathering signatures to dismiss Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jabouri, going to Doha to coincide with a conference featuring wanted Iraqi judiciary.

Abdul Samad said in a statement issued by his press office, "al-Jabouri, lawmakers claim underestimates the masses going to Doha in Qatar, in conjunction with the Conference wanted the Iraqi judiciary," deputies "to insert signatures with signatures block parliamentary call for dismissal of Salim Al-jubouri; it returned deputies to represent the Iraqi people."

"These irresponsible and illegal and unconstitutional, must be the biggest regulatory and legislative authority in the pyramid of power in Iraq or any country in the world; because this behaviour is high treason and we do not want to preside over the House of any traitor for Iraqi blood, civilian, military and security forces and of the popular crowd, who fights currently actors, organizations and countries supporting ldaash in Qatar and Qatar however." end quote.