Abadi reasons for the failure of the Reform / 2

Peace Assem Jihad Friday 0.04 September 0.2015

In the first part of this article I talked about four possibilities may be one of them is the real cause behind the slow pace of Mr. Abadi in reform or rather prevent it from take even a step in that direction which possibilities could call apologetic brackets (robbed Positive) justify even a little thing for Ebadi when asked why your steps shy ... and as we crossed previously chances are what are Palmakdh ... But in this part I'll be fair to the pen and gave the right supervisor that both sides know the potential not really that showed something as if to justify makes Square Premier gardens of Paradise and hide black possibilities God forbid
They found that the disaster and catastrophe, O God Drickm Mentvdon.

Fifth possibility: - to be corrupt ((God forbid))
Frankly previously I said it and I say it now, the only one who has not dealt with the media tied to the files of corruption or suspicions over the last decade of the Dawa Party, is Mr. Abadi person has researched a lot in order to find a loophole one raises doubts did not find ... but what we Bmasomin Perhaps there are things not intended havoc But the Iraqi law is considered a crime and is overlooked either because of ties or she to facilitate ordered the people or the like ... Mr. Abadi, may be on his temper when he was communications minister in 2003 and sinned some mistakes and that from the point of a natural look and suspicions where but Almtshehadan water Aker doing
Storing them in the Archives of Black graduated vocabulary when needed and this tactic has been used far as I know, Mr. Maliki and Mr. Bahaa al-Araji understand Aftahalh in that it's because you know that the opponents of Mr. al-Maliki recently are many for this the advisers to advise him that the likelihood Aptaadk as prime minister Ward and predators Bsagotk are many try to collect the largest possible number of files that condemn or embarrass anti currents in what if this thing happened ... In many occasions, Mr. al-Maliki said that if there are files shown to the failed political process in Iraq (Asir Boxat parliament) By last expression
... This talk gives the probability that Mr. Maliki has corruption on Mr. Abadi files has spread propaganda that the latter may be threatened by al-Maliki to those files in what if he tries to walk the path of reform unit without his participation or exposure to these rumors and frankly ... and all that on the grounds that Mr. Abadi was not a corrupt with premeditated But what if he is corrupt and actually hands may strained money Iraqis also expressed MP Hanan al (We all Tkasemnh cake and Akhznh contracts or tenders), and al-Maliki already has files condemns Mr. Abadi what will be expected rebelling from Prime Minister to do
???? ... And not necessarily that Mr. Abadi is corrupt, it may be one of his brothers or relatives or acquaintances and this prospect is also out of the question ... and although I have ruled out the corruption of Mr. Abadi, but it remains on the table.

Possibility VI - Afraid to himself and his family from physical liquidation.
A prospect Matrouh not so long ago Authority and the Holy blind eyes and hearts and the persistent where you from God, especially if, however Almtoslim (and Alvkor Almachaeven or Chavo) and we know that there are large files will open in what if Mr. Abadi walked in the way of reform and overthrow big heads and large blocks had a history not easy and they do not care for the uprising of the people they care about what they have achieved of influence and power, and how to them to maintain it ... and will maintain it at all costs, even if the liquidation of Mr. Abadi account and the latter knows very well who they are and what can afford to do The people of Mecca know especially the twists
And Mr. Abadi, surrounded by a footnote known loyalty and protections open its mind and its history and subordination so do not rule out that is filtered Mr. Abadi and his fear for his life is natural and justified but it is supposed to correct this possibility ... to step down and recognize the Iraqi people that he is unable to complete the mission for fear for his life .... but frankly if it did and walked in the way of reform, even lost his life God forbid it when the Lord will be a dear and generous going to spend eternity in the memory of the people and history but it is assumed that exploits the power of the people and legitimate support of reference, especially after the entry of the Sadrists on the line Reform asked the small ...
Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr will give him ten battalions to warm up for free (and Aahdh to arrive) ... claimed God to grant to Mr. Abadi, health and wellness and safety of all evil.

Seventh possibility: - access site between the Shiite blocs agreement at the inauguration of al-Abadi.
We know how the media war is in full swing and how it was to follow the rule of law Bkiedathm and their followers sing (and bashing) that the mandate for the third Sayed al-Maliki and how he got the majority of the Shiite sect components and he deserves the mandate and how to tip the second goal of the Sadrists and the Islamic Supreme Council sharply at odds with them and refuse the idea of ​​the third term altogether came to be a day when I met most of the components of the National Alliance and Mr. Abadi nominated for this position without warning or any previous statement that it no vague but we all remember the media leaks that talk about system
Procedure of the alliance and how he elaborate system gives each block right and do not give the rope on the outlier to Mr. Abadi, meaning that all of his actions is vested in and linked to this the rules of procedure and certainly that state law they share so we do not know what are the commitments made by al-Abadi for this alliance until he became prime minister and shut up Maliki without any little reaction just blessed by him appeared generally frown smiley and is not satisfied with the results ... important thing is that Mr. Abadi linked to this alliance and in the reform revolution there are plenty of those parties Stsalha fire if the change in what Mr. Abadi continued to support demands
Rebelling so I find the possibility of Rada and prevents the latter from the initiative and walk fast pace for it is linked to pledges and charters incumbent upon application of God and the world.
... And for the rest of the interview.