Minister of Labor announces the adoption of pension and social security draft law and sends it to the Council of Ministers
Thursday, 03 September 2015 14:46

Shafaq News / The Minister of Labor and Social Affairs , Mohammad Shayaa al-Sudani announced Thursday the adoption of a draft law of pension social security for workers after some necessary adjustments to its paragraphs.

Al-Sudani said while he chaired an extraordinary meeting of the Council of Labour and Social Affairs in the presence of the Undersecretary for Labour Affairs , Faleh al-Amiri , general managers and representatives of the Iraqi Federation of Industries and the trade unions today, that the council voted on the amendments proposed by members on some of the paragraphs of the draft that were passed unanimously and then will be submitted to the Council of Ministers to vote in them.

He explained that the pension law and social security for workers is the base on the issue of ensuring the rights of workers , activating the private sector and organizing the work environment, pointing out that the council has completed its duty with regard to voting on the draft as the decision of the government remains to be discussed in light of the existing reforms as well as Parliament.

The minister pointed out that the law represents a popular and formal demand, it is important for the Ministry to work to submit a draft law that have undergone more than a debate down to this draft, pointing out that the ministry began a road map starting from the withdrawal of the draft of the State Consultative Council to complete it, according to the requirements of the current stage after holding extensive discussions with experts and activists, the Business Council, as well as the work of parliamentary, financial and legal committees.

He said that there are understandings with the rest of the state institutions and experts of the World Bank, who stressed the need to consolidate the funds as (social security, social protection and employment policy funds) in light of the demands and justifications overall situation, pointing out that there is a government tendency for the integration of the two pension funds and warranty with the common retirement fund, but it needs more time to get to the stage where all funds unite.