President of the Republic intends to clarify the judiciary on "unconstitutional" dismissal of three of his deputies

Detection of a coalition of state law, yesterday, for the Presidency of the Republic went to the request for clarification on the constitutionality of the dismissal of the Vice-Presidents, issued by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in a paper for the first reforms of the Federal Court. And it confirms the state law that a meeting of the three presidencies, which was held recently, it was agreed to make this clarification before the courts for legal statement and some items of constitutional reform paper presented by the prime minister and voted on by the House of Representatives last month.
The three presidencies, have shown, Tuesday, support for the reforms that achieve the interests of the Iraqi people, stressing the need to be according to the constitution. The Prime Minister, several reforms recently taken as a result of the mass movement, which is seen in the country since the end of last July, calling for reform and the fight against corruption and improve services, including reducing the ministerial cab from the 33 to 22 as a first step, and reducing the protections of senior officials by 90%, and salaries as well as for many other procedures, while the government and parliament that approved the reforms, the latter by strengthening other package, and enjoyed popular support as well as the supreme Shiite religious authority.
The House voted unanimously, on 11 August, on the first package of reforms that the government has under which the dismissal of the Vice-President of the Republic from office. "
MP says Jassim Mohammed Jaafar "The meeting of the three presidencies discuss constitutional and legal reforms the subject and the possibility of their application on the ground after approval in the House of Representatives."
Jaafar revealed about "the determination of the presidency to go to the Federal Court to determine constitutional and legal head of government grant some reforms before the House of Representatives."
He noted that "the presidency is the subject of the address will adopt the Federal Court on the validity of the dismissal of the prime minister Vice-Presidents of the Republic."
He pointed out that "the presidency of the republic want to be reforms in line with the Constitution and the law."
He continued leadership of the coalition of state law by saying, "Some consider that the mandate given to the prime minister by the parliament is to exercise wide powers of superiority and great powers of the House of Representatives Kacalh or merge Minister without reference to Parliament."
Jafar pointed out that "the presidency of the republic will be presented to the Federal Court inquiries about certain paragraphs of the paper reform which granted on this basis Abadi mandate from the House of Representatives, as well as clarification on the decision to dismiss the Vice-President of the Republic."
According to MP from the Dawa Party that "the Constitution confirmed the existence of the first and second Vice President of the House of Representatives also confirmed the presence of the Vice President of the Republic and therefore it will clarify the Federal Court concerning the constitutionality of these reforms."
In this context, parliamentary sources familiar confirm that the deputy president sacked "are still engaged in their work daily in an official capacity."
The sources said, on condition of anonymity, said that "al-Maliki and Allawi and Nujaifi considered decision dismissed unconstitutional, leaving them continue their work in their offices for as Vice-President of the Republic."
The sources revealed previously responded eliminate an appeal made ​​by a Vice-President about the decision to pink slip. The sources confirmed that the judiciary is unable to accept the appeal not received formal notification from the Presidency of the Republic to dismiss his deputies.
In the meantime, says MP Ali al-Badri, Chairman of the call / organization inside the party block, that "in the event of procrastination parties and political blocs to apply the reforms, it could push the prime minister to declare a state of emergency to pass some reforms."
He said al-Badri, said that "there are signs of the trend towards a state of emergency after besieging Prime Minister quota system", stressing that the Prime Minister should be "honest with the Iraqi people not to its ability to implement the reform package."