Maysan calling on the government to apply tariffs on the country's ports on or off

Twilight News chairman of Maysan province Munther griller / received a number of importers of goods from the port of gray hair on the back of the application of the tariff law and obtaining tax amounts estimated at 100% of the freight and goods entering through the port based on the central government's directives. Importers and expressed their dissatisfaction with the implementation of the resolution on the graying port exception in Maysan and the northern provinces of what caused the decision to raise the prices of imported materials to the weakness and download additional costs burden the citizen Almisana according to an official statement. For his part, the Council will pay an official Bmkhatabat with the relevant authorities for border crossing points for obtaining the decision to stop work while the tariff for the inclusion of all provinces or local government will be in Maysan its own stance in rejecting the resolution and not to apply the head of the provincial council. The President of the Council called on the central government to be fair in its decisions and to apply to all ports including the Kurdistan Region.