Minister of Planning and is in talks with major international banks in Istanbul to support the 2016 budget

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Reveal the name of the Ministry of Planning spokesman Abdul Zahra al-Hindawi, Thursday, the negotiations in Istanbul between the minister Salman Jumaili and some representatives of major international banks to lend to Iraq and his support in the 2016 budget. Hindawi said L / scales News /, that "Planning Minister Salman Jumaili will be negotiations with a number of representatives of major international banks in order to get private loans to support the budget for Iraq in 2016." He added, "The purpose of those negotiations and to hold those loans is to carry out investment projects in the budget of 2016 and that just do not get enough money to deny, especially after the drop in oil prices and the collapse of the country's budget." This revealed the Ministry of Planning, yesterday, for "the ministry's budget plans for 2016, noting that the plans will provide the state 38 trillion Iraqi dinars through deleted and the postponement of some investment projects. He said the ministry spokesman Abdul Zahra al-Hindawi's / scales News / "The ministry held important agreements with all the provinces through joint committees on investment projects in the budget of 2016," stressing that "there are more than 6,000 investment project and the government is unable to entire completion".
He said a spokesman for the Ministry of Planning and that "planning has reached a certain results through its plans to delete the 296 project is important and the postponement of the completion of 2169 projects," pointing out that "this plan will provide for the Symposium amount of up to 38 trillion Iraqi dinars to balance in 2016".
And confirmed a member of the economic and investment commission Najiba Najib "The presence of three of the loans within the corridors of the House of Representatives belong to the infrastructure and reconstruction projects and highways, noting that it needs a parliamentary vote to activate it." Ended / 29 / d 24