Some social networking sites including satellite TV channel obelisk comments addressed the issue of Iraqi airspace to fly over European We would like to point out in this regard .... That this issue is not fortuitous or this time period but goes back to the year 2010 as the International Air Transport Association (iata) was suspended from Iraqi Airways at the time. The reason behind this measure is not serious application of the requirements of Iosa (Aviation Safety Audit System), which represents an important passages concerning the operational safety So, what happened and is happening now was his old roots was not fortuitous absolutely In addition to what mentioned above, the administration that came to Iraqi Airways did not take this matter seriously and merely by the prosthesis temporary, worsening the crisis down to the rejection of our documents by the European Aviation Organization, which is considered one of the strongest powers of the airline in the world relative to the Aviation density over its airspace.
The notice of our company in the July 16, 2015 decision to reject the documents and not to prevent flight in the atmosphere of European and even told us to re-fill all the documents again to be audited in accordance with the organization requirements easa For your information, the Word documents does not mean a large group of securities or the like but it is a Website be dealt with directly through the Web site.

However, the British authorities to fly had interpreted this rejection as to prevent the landing of the aircraft on the basis that our company without the level of safety in Europe.

After the closure of the website of our company and after intensive contacts and support to infinity by the Minister of Transport that site reopened again on Saturday, 08.15.2015 and based on the policies included in the text of the organization's own decision to re-fill the documents.

With the support of the Minister of Transport and Mr. general manager of the company has been agreed with an international company (experts from Spain) with jurisdiction in this area and began working directly on that and were brought to Iraq and work is underway to day and night to complete all the rest of the readmission and negotiate with the Organization of easa again.

European-based liaison with the Organization and the clock has been sent documents and files many during the past two days on a special electronic fund company Iraqi Airways to enable the organization studied in detail.

Forecast to workflow and consistently good and during the period of reconstruction will be very close to the Iraqi Airways to fly again over European airspace, through follow-up and attention of the Minister of Transport, Mr. Director-General personally.

And fulfill of Iraqi Airways to the passengers and as directed by the Minister of Transport signed a contract on the transfer of a Greek company valued passengers flying from Iraq to Europe and vice versa until overcome this crisis.

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The Ministry of Transport