Abadi reasons for the failure of the Reform / 19/3
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Thread: Abadi reasons for the failure of the Reform / 19/3

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    Abadi reasons for the failure of the Reform / 19/3

    Abadi reasons for the failure of the Reform / 1

    Peace Assem Jihad Thursday 0.03 September 0.2015

    I do not want to get ahead of events does not go into details did not occur but what I will refer to him in this article is a potential theses as an analysis proactively explain the failure stage that will have Mr. Abadi, in return for reform ... As for the title of the article like a description of my assurance of failure tell you yes ... Abadi will not change the reality of the situation and will not fit what spoiled arrivals All possibilities suggest that all directories and suspicions shaping the truth ... Unfortunately, despite the presence of the real Almusharan each government, a people and provide a religious exception is characterized by Iraqi society, a reference and Monday, supporters of Mr. Abadi But his steps
    Very, very shy and almost negligible and will fail and will not achieve maybe only five percent of the real liabilities and as I think the demands of the services that will move them Abadi because covered by the winds of change will propose to Mr. Abadi to wrestle himself the subject of services and make them available to it and as they believe that most of the rebelling came out because of the deterioration of the fact the service They do not know that the fact the service is the straw that broke the camel's back Dahr who still dust on the national conscience, who was in a dormant state waiting for the right reason and time to rise up below .... In a number of possibilities and the reasons that do not necessarily have to be true

    They are just possibilities may infect and may not infect but the important thing is the purpose of this article is to find the reasons for the inability of Mr. Abadi to reform immediately to discuss those reasons may be that we find some of the gaps that allow us to help Mr. Abadi to skip that stage to lift the country from what is in it of the destruction and devastation and corruption in the land and the people to take good this conjecture Mr. Abadi, and we raised the reasons for the negative possibilities, which is not certain presence in the political behavior of Mr. Abadi, which we will mention in detail below.

    The first possibility: - the mess inherited from the previous government and the global economic situation. That the legacy of the previous government of political and social chaos, economic and even security, Mr. Abadi made it enters the atmosphere driving in a state of confusion unenviable ... budget is zero political strife on the aspects and services virtually non-existent and the hordes of Satan Aldaashah deducted a lot of Iraqi territory, which in turn drained capacity military and financial current Iraqi government and the decline in oil prices, a large negative impact on the country, which has a direct impact on the war effort and in turn affects
    On service projects and thus the influence on the development of the citizen in general ... all of these factors, many of which affect the critical decisions taken by Mr. Abadi and misplace Ahdhn may lead to political suicide and the failure of his government.

    The second possibility: - Maliki leads from behind the scenes through Haashiyat.
    This is a possibility it may be almost certain of it, and as I know that a lot of the characters that follow-Maliki is still working in the task of the joints of the state and especially the counseling center to Mr. Abadi In the General Secretariat of the private library example Maliki alternative likely Mr. Tariq Najim, which likely to be prime minister in one previous articles, rather than al-Maliki, but equally willing to Abadi is the president but Tariq Najim is still working very actively by frequent news and has the word audible when Mr. Abadi, I do not know why Mr. Abadi keep it in such a place ... But to take advantage of his experience or that he

    Majabur on the quality of it from his own party ... is important about it that the presence of such well-known loyalty of the previous government figures raises a lot of doubts, which in turn suggest that there may be a distortion of the facts or direct pressure toward Abadi, in the continuation of his career and obstruction of reform and the rest I will spare him of the mind of the reader word to the wise is a complete explanation such a risk probability.

    A third possibility: - still his loyalty to the Dawa Party stands.
    No one denies that the Islamic Dawa Party, is a deep-rooted party and pure birth and jihad is not betting it two but this was before their opposition to power and a lot of the characters that belong to him is an example of patriotism but after addressing the party to power in Iraq after the former regime fall put a lot of Alalmat question around and about the characters Almtsidin for his leadership because of their political behavior and their dealings with the Iraqi reality in addition to the suspicions of corruption hovering around some leaders in addition to the imports that used to come to support the party to remain Mtsidia and strongly to lead this country ... and how the symbols of leadership support each other
    The media to be the party away from cash and miscarriage and this is a natural and guide everyone remembers Mr. Abadi How was defending the behavior of Mr. al-Maliki and his decisions and was creative in that because he is an educated man and know where eaten shoulder in the world of politics and this is very natural because of the poles of the Dawa Party .. . So I'm not questioning the patriotism of Mr. Abadi never But I like to put the reader in front of an image effect that Mr. Abadi of the key players in this organization and it is not easy to give up this party and hit the well-known where the parties under penalty of corruption and everyone knows that all inveterate party and especially like the Dawa Party where there is
    Internal system and common covenants and charters that are not easily abandon them, especially if there is a shared history and a shared present !!!!

    Fourth possibility: the corrupt power stronger than with the lack of constitutional power points that support reform.
    Frankly corrupt when wreaking flattened corrupt and steal and plunder and kill all those things knows it will overthrow him in one day, but the same diabolical begging him to set up a defensive limits protect him from this day that knock them out and those around him so find him straining himself in determine how all his opponents all likelihood can to be the cause of the detection or dropping understand immunized themselves sometimes collect files on opponents and sometimes purchased receivables and sometimes political and physical liquidation too ... all those facts may disappear and all those who recruited the day will come and shed them because of stop them no man's land on someone corrupt meet the person most corrupt and if the power made available to them
    ... But the disaster matter said questionable judiciary in the command of the Constitution is full of holes and most of the paragraphs written in the end (and regulated by law) any that most of its paragraphs incomplete and wrote this Constitution and everyone knows the urgency and the many setbacks take into account Iraq's sectarian and did not take into account the homeland and the citizen ... so I find in these things, a major obstacle in the path of reform hamper the work of Mr. Abadi in what if it was serious about reform because the gouge bacteria corruption from its roots need to be legal and constitutional ingredients and spend just supports those packets other than that affect the security and stability of the country but with the existence of such a rigid constitution would give Many Afassin

    Of loopholes that allow them to manipulate the destiny of this people, and influential Maragha to stay in power to maintain their entity of uprooting corrupt.
    But the will of the people is stronger than tyranny and cunning, and tomorrow the headmistress to close.
    I would like to note that in all of the above is just a speculative possibilities debatable to get to the truth of the matter is reconciled to God.

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