Abadi out administrative reform 9/3
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    Abadi out administrative reform 9/3

    Abadi out administrative reform

    Haitham al-Hassani Thursday 0.03 September 0.2015

    Iraqis have absolute faith in the existence of a large imbalance and the crisis of his killer in the administrative system, made him unable to carry out its obligations and achieve its mandated objectives, unanimously agreed that the citizen and the state on the one opinion is that the administrative apparatus of the Iraqi dying and suffering from complete paralysis of it: -
    (A) unable to understand and meet the needs of citizens leads to the spread of grumbling and complaining and dissatisfaction among citizens.
    (B) also suffers from a failure to predict Palmsqubl problems expected to occur and prevent them.

    T he also became unable to make sound decisions in the optimal use of available resources, corruption and wickedness Venture nation's wealth and dropped the level of services.
    Citizens, sparking discontent and dissatisfaction in and out demonstrations to demand reforms. This requires from the state and political leaders to take a role in the development and impose reform programs originated from the importance of full and convinced the results and the benefits that can be realized from the reform process, so that serious and meaningful and binding programs at the same time be, and that the reform process will not be review process tricky trying to absorb the resentment citizens and dissatisfaction by subtracting the numbers and the formulation of fake programs do not mimic the reality and do not respond to actual needs.
    Mixing the dear reader to a number of terms and concepts that refer to an amendment or a shift in the administrative organs, such as administrative reorganization, management development, administrative update, and other concepts Osev try to supply definitions of these terms to differentiate between them process may occur.
    Re administrative Altntam: mean improvement in the administrative system molecules structural or mechanical sense, the focus is on reform without paying attention to the development of working relationships and behavioral isolation from environmental framework governing the administrative process.
    Administrative Development: It is a conscious process of collective organization planned a comprehensive dynamic meaningful change to represent success in charge of the administrative system in the organization include all the necessary to choose and create the human element activities to perform his work better.
    Administrative update: is a process designed to develop or change the technical tools and systems so that the transition from the administrative status to the best of terms is aligned with the techniques and methods of modern technology and to achieve more efficient and effective in practice operations and facilitate administrative status.
    From here, we find that mature political system is based on the planning, organization and control methods effective form, so the device is able to achieve positive results from behind his followers to such tactics, as well as has a constant self-correction through the discovery of glitches and weaknesses inside and work to repair, as the ability which makes it able to exercise his role required.

    Basic conditions achieved by administrative reform process:
    1. Be the administrative apparatus is capable of understanding the need to reform and change to meet the needs and requirements of citizens being witnessed by the environment changes, and ensure a holistic reform and greater efficiency in the simplification measures to ensure the confirmation of the citizen's confidence in the administrative reform.
    2. take into account the administrative system the degree of social order offer any 'ability to accept the results of the change'. And be aimed at public administration characterized by simplicity, efficiency, and be able to respond to the needs of the new era and access to public administration allows individuals to act based on their initiatives Almatahoanchae management open position earn the trust of citizens and provide public services of high quality.
    3. reform of the financial structure in order to reduce the public debt and the reduction of public spending with and provide friendly environment to work and Alastmar and the privatization of sectors (transport, industry, agriculture, housing, municipalities, trade) to revive the private sector.
    4. The administrative system does not provide control of compromise when they are not in the right place, because these solutions there may be some sort of administrative province.
    5. The basic plan is the introduction of e-government, as this plan is now playing an important role in achieving further rationalization and efficiency in management information systems also helped to provide support in the choice of policy, planning and formulation.
    6. encourage decentralization.
    7. human resources development.
    8. activation of accountability and transparency

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