The price of a barrel of oil in 2016 budget would be 40-45 USD
By: wab1
Date: Thursday, 03-09-15 12:50 am

Baghdad: Baghdad news
Member of the Committee said oil and power house blossom Abadi,
The price of a barrel of oil in 2016 budget would be 40-45 dollars, indicating that the Government will face a big problem in providing salaries if oil prices decline. "
Abbadi said "tomorrow", he started preparing for the budgeting of 2016, the Ministry of Finance began to receive proposals and financial estimates for the provinces and bodies on, these figures will be presented in November to the House, the Ministry of finance started budgeting since this month.
He added that "estimates are confused because of the instability of oil prices", indicating that "we demanded the oil Ministry to send to OPEC to talk with them on maintaining oil prices to fill the flaw."
Abbadi said that "low oil prices if it continues, the Government will face a big problem in providing operating budget of any salaries, so Government alternatives resources other than oil."
He is a member of the parliamentary Energy Committee that "budget per barrel in 2016 will build an estimate of 40-45 dollars per barrel.
On the other hand, a student member of the Committee on oil and energy Zaher Al-Abadi, the Government cut the budget of the territory and cancel the sovereign Kurdish positions if it performs its duties toward Government territory.
Abbadi said "tomorrow", "the parliamentary Energy Commission, spoke with the Prime Minister and Minister of energy and the Parliamentary Committee during a visit to the territory, and conferred on continued oil pump, sale and delivery of revenue to the company Sumo", adding that "the region had not complied with the Committee's recommendations and decisions on the law of the balancer for 2015 by exporting agreed oil company SOMO".
He called, "the Federal Government taking action to right the territory by cutting the share of Kurdistan the budget amounting to 17%, and personalities from the region at the center of the resolution on Iraq, saying" we do not want to be Kurdish control characters in the central decision and they do not want us to control their decisions. "