Parliament: the reform legislation comes through the Supreme Judicial Council Act

MP from the Union of Iraqi forces Alloizi Abdul Rahman, on Wednesday, the House of Representatives to reform the judiciary of legislation through the Supreme Judicial Council, which still has not been discussed in the final House bill. Said Alloizi in a press statement I followed news agency Buratha today that the reform of the judiciary lies in the outstanding laws that complemented through the judiciary system, including the Supreme Judicial Council, which will explain the work of the Supreme Judicial Council of the Federal Court as well as the legislation of the Federal Court Act legislation, especially that Iraq did not possess Law Federal Court since 2005 and there are calls to change the head of the Supreme Judicial Council. Alloizi And that is vested in the House of Representatives is not the task of the Supreme Judicial Council, stressing that the separation between the presidency of the Council of Justice and the Federal Court is through legislation the Supreme Judicial Council Act, which is still a draft to the Council of Ministers. MP from the Iraqi forces and stressed that the vote on the President and members of the Court of Cassation is another important vested in Parliament and even today did not vote on the Court of Cassation members have been named to the House of Representatives but still captive political consensus.