Issuing instructions for the amount regardless trillion dinars to stimulate the economy

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - a member of the administrative board of the Central Bank Majid picture had been issuing instructions for the amount of one trillion dinars to banks and intended to finance small and medium-sized projects that will revitalize the reality of the Iraqieconomy. The federal government last month approved a plan to revitalize the Iraqi economy included the launch of the amount of 5 trillion dinars allocated for the support of the industrial, commercial and real estate sector banks, trillion dinars for private banks to finance small and medium enterprises. It's the picture (IMN) that "instructions for an amount trillion dinars allocated by the central bank to finance small and medium enterprises to revitalize the Iraqi economy was distributed to banks, which is supposed to start by the launch of the amounts . " Suri said that "the instructions of $ 5 trillion dinars not accomplished so far and need additional time on the grounds that the amount is too large and requires further study theprocedures." The International Monetary Fund forecast, last week the growth of the Iraqi economy, 0.5% by the end of this year, thanks to expansion in the oil sector, and increase the contraction of economic activity in the non-oil. From: Haider al-Tamimi, editor: Mohammed Saleem