Legal representative: changes in the Federal Court Act and legislation will repair the judiciary

Confirmed the legal committee member Mohsen al-Sadoun that the legislation of the Federal Court Act will lead to reform of the judiciary.
He said al-Saadoun told all of Iraq [where] that "the law of the Federal Mahmkh importance in the reform of the judiciary," he said, to "make some changes it will be discussed in the near future." He added, "We are following the reforms of the judiciary and its importance," noting that "the Federal Court Act based system Federal. "The head of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri has said in the 10 of last August in connection with the Federal Court Act" There is only one paragraph of the law is still in dispute and discussion relates to the quorum needed to pass decisions on contentious material between the federal and the provincial government, a need to provide alternative solutions and we are able to achieve this through initiatives in this framework it is possible to lead to solutions to help us to go beyond that point to move to vote on the law.
"The supreme religious authority, has stressed on more than one sermon with the need of the judiciary reform as an essential step to achieve the reforms announced by the government recently.
The representative of reference, Sheikh Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalai "that the most important reform process requirements of the judiciary reform as an important pillar for the completion of the reform packages and can not be real reform without him," and called on "the government and parliament and the judiciary to achieve reforms details to make decisions" bold and convincing "of the people Iraqi.
It is said that the Supreme Judicial Council unanimously rejected at an extraordinary session held on 17 of August, to discuss the development of the judicial process President of the Council Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud request transmits it to retire because "the public interest and justice at this stage require to stay in his duties as President of the Supreme Judicial Council of the Federal Court Supreme ".hsp Alcil.anthy