Turkey hosts summit ((and it is 02))

3/9/2015 0:00

ANKARA - Salah
Turkey hosts business group {W20} and is concerned with women's affairs, on the sidelines of hosting the work of the Group of Twenty summit, the upcoming mid-November next Snm Oktar head of women entrepreneurs Turks Association, which holds the presidency of the organizing committee for the events "and it is 20 in Turkey She told ((morning)), that the group" and is 20 newly months ago formed, which will hold its induction first officially on September 6, the current, in the capital Turkish Ankara, while the summit meeting will be held for the women's group, on next October 7-8, in Istanbul

Work environment

It showed that among the topics on "and is 20 agenda, the fight against discrimination against women in the workplace, and to increase the number of women leaders, and achieving a balance between work life and private life and improve the working conditions and environment.

She said that the main objective of the group to achieve broad participation of women in economic life, and to contribute to economic growth.

Oktar and explained that one of the actors involved in the Turkish Committee within the range "and is 20, Association" Women and Democracy ", Association" Turkish businesswomen "

Economic post

For her part, Safia Shahinaz Ihsanoglu, one of the most important business Turks «morning» Women: The women make up more than half the world's population, but their participation in the economic life without potential Imitlknha, pointing out that the lack of equality between the sexes, is an obstacle to development and the fight against poverty in developing countries.
The strategy document

This is expected to result in a document on strategy "and is 20 for women's summit meeting, will be presented to world leaders at the Group of Twenty summit. It is noteworthy that Turkey holds the rotating presidency of the Group of Twenty, which includes 19 countries with the largest economies in the world, along with the European Union, and hosts the work of the group's summit for this year on 15 and November 16 in the state of Antalya overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.