Integrity in the member declares to refer 540 file corruption and calls for the reform of the political system

Follow-up -oreet -announced parliamentary Integrity Committee, on the transfer of more than 540 file corruption to the Integrity Commission. Chairman of the Committee Talal Zobaie said, "The total number of cases that have been referred to the Integrity Commission by the Commission amounted to more than 540 file where many suspicions of corruption," noting that, "including issues related to the Arab Summit and the Secretariat of Baghdad and the Ministries of Commerce and Industry". He Zubai, that "there are threats to politicians and there is also a protection for political corruption, and all of these challenges faced by the Integrity Commission," stressing that "the Commission will be directly charged to the mafias of corruption." He continued, that "must be the reform of the political system and the fight against corruption whales before the reform of the judiciary," adding that "there are pressures faced by judges and must plan to protect them from the mafia,"