Tamimi's (et) raise the call against me by Fahdawi "joke"

Brother Sam and Mullah - Described member of the parliamentary finance committee for the Liberal bloc Majida al-Tamimi "raise lawsuit against it in the Court of publication, by the Minister of Electricity Qassim Fahdawi to" humor ", that raises bad call against the regulatory authority." And he showed Tamimi said in a statement singled out by the reporter for News Agency (et) that the minister raises the call against me do not even questioned him because he knows Bjdety in interrogation, and the existence of documents and papers condemn it, "asserting that the Minister of Electricity must be said because there exchange him documents proving corruption and not suspicions.". She explained that everyone knows I deal in numbers, and there are exchange documents and opened files from one month after receipt of the Minister of the Ministry and collected many of the files and referred mostly to the integrity, noting that the lifting of the call from the minister attempt to Msahumica to pull interrogated him, saying, "This will never happen." He pointed out that Tamimi reception publication of court proceedings spoilers bad message to the supervisory authority, which in turn, indicating it has dozens of documents against the minister, a weak position." And he confirmed that "it moves in the interrogation of the Minister of Electricity, exposing all corrupt, and if one stood before the interrogation I will announce to the Iraqi people."