People crowd Authority confirms that the visit of Al-Ameri was the engineer for the elimination of support to get rid of terrorists and corrupt

02/09/2015 13:45 GMT

Follow-up - and Reet- confirmed the body the popular crowd, Wednesday, that the visit of the Secretary General of the Badr Organization, Hadi al-Amiri and Sheik Abu Mahdi Mohandes spend was for his support in getting rid of extremists and terrorists, stressing the need that according to the law and the Constitution are the reform, with renewed its pledge to strike terror even cleaning the ground of it and work on the system and the power to serve the people calendar.

The authority said in a statement, "It was our visit to the judiciary for its support in exchange for some extremist calls that you want to demolish and question all previous sentences passed by and so let the release of terrorists and murderers and skepticism even in death sentence tyrant Saddam era."

She added, "It is no secret one that without the judiciary can not be the task of reform to succeed, but will be demolished and destructive of everything for that," declared the Iraqi people, Aziz said, "We will defend the regime and the state with full force and we will hit those who want to exploit the corrupt and the corrupt."

The statement said the crowd that "Our position from the beginning was clearly with the demands of the just for the masses in the reform of state institutions, which called for by reference spirit and deeper with every content and vocabulary that I mentioned speeches guiding through Friday blessed prayer in the midst of these sensitive circumstances and calls for a clear reference to the reform and its leadership to this battle mission and articulated in the life of the nation zap your brothers in the leadership of the crowd popular sacred to counter attempts by some parties that want to hit the foundations of the existing system, which we have built with our blood and was established after decades of jihad and struggle and sacrifices had to be a clear position we announce that we are with reform and against corruption and corrupt at any site was any AL was for strength and durability of the constitutional state institutions and perform her best to ensure the improvement of public services and the maintenance of public money but within the limits of the maintenance of security and safety for the home front because we consider that the power of your army valiant security and your troops heroine and Hacdkm popular holy is your strength. "

And she showed "We are defending today from the people and the land and honor and defend the system and the state and the system foundations do not allow her and Tahedimha even work with you to repair and directed by corrupt them legal and constitutional means and pressing public supporter is the most important foundations of the system and the state Constitution executive, legislative and judicial power."

The statement said, "We are with the reform and against corruption and with taking out the corrupt and spoilers in these authorities, but we categorically reject the attempt Tahedimha through the exploitation of calls for reform and has been a supreme religious authority and clear in its demand that reform be in accordance with the constitutional and legal foundations conscious of what is going on and is going on behind the dark scenes that do not want the good of this great people. "

He stressed the statement of the crowd by saying "We announce to you, the people of Iraq Aziz We will defend the regime and the state with full force and we will hit those who want to exploit the corrupt and the corrupt in and we fully Jhozina on the path that his guidance our reference honest fatwa Ulkipaia Jihad and the subsequent recommendations of the guide us to the right path and achieve her dream are firm see Iraq and Iraqi security and safety and well-being and prosperity. "