"Lagarde" warns of the risk of the spread of the recent volatility in the markets

02/09/2015 08:55 GMT

Agencies - Executive Director of the International Monetary Fund Christine Lagarde said on Wednesday: The recent volatility in global financial markets shows how the risks can quickly spread from one economy to the other.

Lagarde told a conference in the Indonesian capital "What noon and clear in the last few weeks is how Asia is in the heart of the global economy and how the imbalances in the market in Asia could in fact spread to the rest of the world."

She said that the global economy faces the negative effects resulting from the rebalancing of China and slow growth in Japan and falling commodities and uncertainty surrounding the lifting of US interest rates rates.

Lagarde said that it must pursue policies that are appropriate to the needs of individual countries but will include mostly strengthen the defenses of a prudent fiscal policy and curb the excessive growth of credit and the unification of exchange rates for working Kodaut absorb shocks and Hafiz on the occasion of foreign exchange reserves.