The World Bank has allocated 149 million dollars for reconstruction in three regions editor in Diyala
By: wab1
Date: Wednesday, 02-09-15 10:33 am

Baghdad: Baghdad news
The Diyala Council, the Central Bank allocated 149 million

Dollars for the reconstruction of three districts in the province (55 km northeast of the capital), while acknowledging the existence of a security breach in some areas, security forces asserted control.
The head of the Diyala provincial Council, Omar alkergholi, told the (term), "the World Bank decided three coverage areas in Diyala by a loan granted to fund reconstruction of the liberated areas of daash".
Alkergholi, added that "the great walsadet weglolaa areas include reconstruction," adding that "$ 149 million is earmarked for the reconstruction of infrastructure destroyed by organizing daash in those areas in preparation for the return of displaced persons."
And on the security situation in the province, the President of the Council, acknowledged "the existence of a breach in some areas as the Khan Bani Saad and iron and alhoider", but "but that the breach can be controlled by security forces in joining efforts with local government in Diyala."
Alkergholi, stressed that "tribal conservation effort to end clan differences and return of displaced people to their homes."