Sadr emphasizes the need to protect the demonstrators and not to delay the demands reforms

02/09/2015 14:56 pm (Baghdad time)

Baghdad scales News
Said the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, on Wednesday, on the need to protect the demonstrators and not to delay reforms and demands the return of the trial and the corrupt fugitives and take advantage of popular support and Reference, noting that calling for the reform of the judiciary and ministerial formation "creaking" and the Election Commission.

Sadr said in replying to a question by a group of the people of Baghdad about the demonstrations and the targeting of activists, and moved his press office and seen by / scales News /, "Yes, there are vicious attacks by gangs slut against activists and revolutionaries", calling on the government to "seek to protect them and to prevent the occurrence of such terrorist infringements unjust ".

He added that "the continuation of demonstrations heavily Kaljmah previous means there is a glimmer of hope to get to the real reforms are not shy and not a fake," stressing the importance of "reform of the judiciary and the ministerial formation creaking and the Electoral Commission and ministerial bodies and committees that have become dormant and ineffective."

And called for "return fugitive corrupt thieves of the people's livelihood to a fair trial to be exemplary," noting that "the situation remains as it is to make reforms to Atzmn and Angna from hunger in spite of gaining popular support and reference, it is Tsoeva to the demands of the reform, which called for by reference ".

Sadr said that "the Constitution is the other irreparable", stressing that "the demonstration must be in accordance with the national principles and according to freedom and democracy, without infringing on others Islamists were or secular, with the importance of freedom of speech and to prevent gagging" ./ ended 29 n / 10