Parliamentary Finance awaiting the arrival of the salary scale of government: Parliament will vote unanimously

02.09.2015 at 09:55 (GMT Baghdad)

Special - scales News
He said the parliamentary finance committee member Abdul Qader Mohammed, Wednesday, that the House will seriously upon the arrival of the salary scale project of the government, which would send it back to the House bill, noting that the parliament will vote unanimously.

He said Mohammed's / scales News / "The parliamentary Finance Committee discussed the draft salary scale and sent him for prime minister Law for preparation and then bringing it back to parliament for a vote on it," adding that "the government may be concerned about this law and other important matters." .

He said the parliamentary finance committee member, said, "This law is a fundamental and important law to achieve the kind of social justice in all of the employees' salaries," noting that "upon the arrival of the bill to the House of Representatives, the Parliament will work seriously in order to vote on it and passes."

The "member of the parliamentary finance committee, Massoud drawing said, earlier, that the committee is waiting" proposals "Government on the salary scale for inclusion supplement federal service law and voting on it in the coming sessions, stressing that the ball in the court of the government to put an end to the waste of public money" .anthy 29 / 28