Jubouri: the international community to support the government and parliament in the "process of reform."

The head of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri of the international community to the government and parliament support in "the process of reform," said al-Jubouri said in a statement on the sidelines of attending a talk show Forum set up a "Humanez Klopl" Studies Center under the auspices of the House of Representatives and academic institutions, scientific and cultural associations, dismissed the "way that will output Daash will affect them directly on the form and landscape features will determine whether we are able to continue development and reconstruction or not. "

He added that "our support for local forces will establish the state of integration for the people of those areas in the interaction with the event and will enhance their confidence in their ability to deliver what will thus support their abilities to complete the victory rally the expeditious initiation of reconstruction and construction and the removal of the effects of war the psychological, social, economic and ruins process, and work together with the forces Civil in bringing about a renaissance to overcome the difficulties and obstacles faced by the local governments at the time. "

In a related context, al-Jubouri, referred to "we continue to believe that the National Guard Law is a building block basis to initiate the process of liberalization and political blocs agree on the content and form is very important, which will give him the power that meets the need of the occupied provinces by Daash support the involvement of the people of those governorates in the fateful confrontation process and give them honor and revenge liberate their land from the forces of terror for all the martyrs who were murdered Daash means dirty and brutal. "

He called al-Jubouri, the world, to "work with Iraq to re-compass in the right direction by supporting the reform process which Achttha parliament and government together in recent times and this is a historic responsibility of the international community," pointing to "We urgently need this support through the supply of development momentum in the country and the support services sector, particularly health, food and electricity, particularly in the liberated areas. "