The return is not auspicious for senior symbols of corruption to the House
By: wab1
Date: Wednesday, 02-09-15 02:59 am

Baghdad news/Haider alamshani
It seems more unusual scene of earlier scenes, as long as there are common interests between the political parties themselves

Under the guise of "national partnership" which was the basis for consolidating the principle of quotas the political process since the first Federal Government formed on this approach, the results still suffered by the Iraqi people as a whole, after the Iraqi Street demanding the abolition of quotas and the Elimination of corruption and prosecute corrupt and thieves, people still eke out a quota confessional Lady position, even under the reform packages initiated by the Prime Minister, which was primarily the abolition of Deputy Ministers, Presidents and merge Some ministries, with the involvement of most major corruption cases, and soon after she apparented the features they desire in a fortification under the dome in order to evade trial and enjoy privileges at the same time.
Parliamentary sources revealed, arrangements exist within the Chamber of Deputies for the return of Parliament Presidents and Ministers who retained their posts were abolished under the reform package, said the sources who preferred not to disclose her name to "arrangements in the House for the return of Parliament President Nouri al-Maliki and Ayad Allawi, Osama Al-nujaifi and Deputy Prime Minister Saleh Al-mutlaq to fill their seats and get legal immunity", adding that "the immunity within the House is difficult, which would hinder the introduction of any Deputy to abolish in order to answer the Charges against him ".
He said the National Alliance mp Habib Terminal in an interview with "news" that I returning him to Parliament unless there is a vacant seat, this seat not only come across two ways, first is excluded and the second resignation of some MPs are received according to the conviction of the same Deputy, stressing that no law asserts the return articles from the Executive to Parliament by any means but the seat, adding, that parliamentary immunity does not protect spoilers, mechanisms of immunity can be applied On the ground if this or that Attorney involvement in corruption cases.
Meanwhile, between yonadem we "articles from Presidents and Prime Ministers have not ykalo on charges of corruption, but the dismissal came because of sagging, we were speaking for" Baghdad "said:" maybe the Constitution stresses the need for the representation of components, thus could be reviewed by political calculation, as there is a Deputy Prime Minister of the Kurdish component article, noting that the return of these names is guaranteed by the need to find the seat occupant.
With the Liberal bloc mp Riad Gali, "protestors have filed objections to the plundering of their seats by some parties to the Federal Court dealt with the validity of their appeals and sent to the Presidency of the Chamber of deputies since a long time." Boutros-Ghali said that "Parliament did not introduce these names to get their seats, talking about" the presence in the procrastination do not display the names of some deputies who divested to other candidates. "he stressed that" the Constitution and the law allows Parliament Presidents and Prime Ministers who were dismissed, as well as The Ministers, who threw their ministries and some were merged back into Parliament if the survival of their seats vacant or resignation with their buckets.