Parliamentary Security: A point of contention and one impede the agreement to pass the National Guard Law

Agencies - the Security and Defense Committee in Parliament said that the formation of the National Guard mechanism are the remaining point of contention in the agreement of the political blocs to pass the National Guard Law.
Committee member Abdul Aziz Hassan said, "The only point of contention remaining National Guard Law is the mechanism of formation of the National Guard, on the basis of the province or on the basis of the year," noting that "the positions of the political blocs divided over the proposed". Pointing out that "political parties demanding that the ratio of Al0.05 the National Guard of the total population of the province are of the make up of the National Guard, that is, the formation regionally, while the other parties demanding that the formation of the National Guard in general of all the provinces to have the National Guard Each mixture of all the provinces the province. "

He explained that "the security and defense committee does not want to go to parliament to vote on the law and to achieve a majority with the presence of political party contestant, but wants to reach an agreement soon to be a unanimous vote," PSC / h