The Minister of Justice instructed the reopening of Notary Chamber in Samarra

Complete procedures for rehabilitation of the building and security protection The Justice Ministry announced, close up the opening date of the Notary Chamber in Samarra in Salahuddin province, after considerable stability in the city and surrounding areas following military operations by the security forces and contributed to the editing of most parts of the province, the return of life and people to defeat terrorism. The Director General of the Department of notaries Hussein Al-Ta'i, Minister of Justice, Dr. Haidar Al-zamily, reopening the notary service in coordination with the local government, and complete the procedures for rehabilitation of building coordination and provision of land records for the Chamber to assist residents and forensic services to them. The Director General explained: The Minister in providing security protection necessary for the service to keep customers and staff and real estate records, and prevent any infringement on public property, indicating that the open circuit notary and other service departments in Salahuddin province will greatly benefit the displaced back to their districts and servicing them.