Dr. Ikram: strategic private sector develop financial resources

2/9/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - Hussein al-Tamimi
optimism among the circles of the private sector by firing strategic development of the private sector that will last three stages in order to diversify the financial resources of the country and expand the role of the local economy, especially as the first stage of the 2014 - 2017 led the government and the period between 2018 - 2022 will be the participation between the private sectors General and either the final stage led by the private sector, it identifies between 2023 - 2030 and that its success requires constant consultation between the government and the private sector at various levels (according to the specialists) d .alkhbayrh in economic affairs. Akram Abdel Aziz said that over-reliance on crude oil marketing led to the launch of the strategy to develop the private sector initiative to develop this sector, which can be counted progress positively to officially support so as to enhance its position in the economic activity.

She pointed out that this sector under the shadow of the strategy can support trends that seek by the State to strengthen the revenue from non-oil sectors through the development of the Iraqi economy structure and contribute to the diversification, especially that there are great business opportunities offered by this sector, one of the orientation factors in this strategy through to make it more productive and competitive and creative and more aware of the economic decision-making, also helps to reduce the levels of unemployment and improve income and diversification for workers in sectors that can have an active role in it.

Abdul Aziz said this trend for such a strategy for further development of the Iraqi economy and diversify and achieve developmental renaissance Chamlh.olgal the private sector more effectively be done is through the active participation Special activity Economic requiring that the sector understands very well what are the requirements and is represented in Baghdad and the provinces, and there are data unions and professional organizations base, and across this information will travel support to the private sector through stand at the needs.

They pointed out the importance of reviewing the legislation governing the sector private and improve the business environment, as well as the adoption of the Programme for the development of small and medium-sized companies, allowing the possibility of exploiting the opportunities across the restructuring of public companies and the creation of partnerships strategy between the public and private sectors.

Industrial expert Ali Sabieh demanded the formation of a crisis cell in line with the launch of the strategy includes all ministers stakeholders for their active role in economic policy and resolve outstanding to activate the private industrial sector problems and taking a course to be an important and a major source of funding for the federal budget and should be involved in the Iraqi Federation of Industries such as a cell on the affairs of the industry in the private, cooperative and mixed sector.