Parliamentary Legal: in the event of the return of key ministers and deputies of the Parliament of the Republic Fmhakmthm will be after the end of the parliamentary session

BAGHDAD / Sky Press: Mary finest
Said the legal committee of parliamentary member Salim Chawki, Tuesday, it's possible the return of the Vice President and the Vice Prime Minister in the case of a bench on their resignation voluntarily without coercion, noting that the Criminal no statute of limitations even if it ended this session could be held accountable deputy if found guilty after the end of the parliamentary session. Said Shawki's "Sky Press," that "the Federal Court did not go to the House of Representatives any decision or judgment re vice president sacked," noting that "the two articles whether Congress prime minister or the Republic Those Mjerin at the time to be an executive and thus offers resignation of the House of Representatives. " He added that "when choosing Executive site have resigned have been filled their seats by other people from the blocks to which they belong Wadhwa constitutional right and therefore they are deputies," pointing out that "the return to the House of Representatives require that provides bench resignation voluntarily without coercion to the House of Representatives as he did Hassan Sinead, in order to pave the way for Nuri al-Maliki back, and so the case for the other deputies. "
He explained that "if convicted in such as the elimination ask the House of Representatives to withdraw confidence from them, and then apply them Sentences", stressing that "crimes are not time-barred even if the session ended as possible be held accountable deputy convicted after the end of the session unless the withdrawal of confidence from him now." .

It is said that a parliamentary sources confirmed for "Sky Press" that the Federal Court committed the presidency of the Iraqi parliament to cancel membership replacements vice president sacked the parliament and re-seats to their owners Nuri al-Maliki and Iyad Allawi and Osama Najafi addition to Saleh al-Mutlaq, therefore, al-Maliki have acquired the immunity Legal that prevent held accountable for the charges against him on the fall of Mosul after a deal under which he resigned MP Hassan Sinead, to regain his seat in parliament.