Analyst: Abadi permit granting open green signal to the protesters to leave Bmleonih to pressure the government and the House of Representatives

BAGHDAD / Sky Press: Take writer and political analyst Maitham coffee, Tuesday, the last prime minister a statement on the opening of the Green Zone in front of the demonstrators grant signal to the people out demonstration Magdy Rady to pressure the government and the House of Representatives for the implementation of reforms, noting that al-Abbadi faces obstacles in the reforms, including file electricity and other judiciary.

The coffee in his own account, that "there are important signals given by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to the demonstrators, where he says (proved to me that afternoon, which was based on his strong enough, get out demonstrations Magdy Rady, even the table Turn on the parties, and I'm assured of that I protected strongly the street, do not The party strongly parliament). "

"The open green area, do not get out of this context (I will open you the doors of the Green Zone, dear demonstrators, for were formed greater pressure on the House of Representatives and the government, and you pretend near doors and want to destroy Amadadjaha, out about the resounding and rumbling)."

He noted that "al-Abadi collide with obstacles stand in the way to progress, including rigidity of the Ministry of Electricity file, and another stalemate eliminate file, which requires the authorization of the real Parliament (same people) to proceed with the major steps to jump on the quota system and the Constitution."

The capital Baghdad and several provinces have seen large demonstrations in protest against the deterioration of services and the reality of electricity, accounting spoilers.

Article (78) of the Constitution under which the Prime Minister took a bold decision that "the prime minister is the direct executive responsible for public policy of the state, the general commander of the armed forces, the administration of the Cabinet and presides over its meetings, and has a right to dismiss the minister, with the consent of the House of Representatives ".

It is noteworthy that Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi pledged in the 11th of August to continue the current reforms and a covenant with the people, saying that "I will continue even if it cost my life."