Work includes 142 projects in Baghdad social security

The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, on Tuesday, for the inclusion of 142 projects in Baghdad, the provisions of the law of retirement and social security during the month of July of this year, 2015, as pointed out that comprehensive measures require the submission of official documents to prove ownership of the project. A spokesman for the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs Ammar Menem in a statement received (range Press), a copy of it, that "the ministry included 142 new projects in Baghdad retirement and Social Security Law No. 39 of 1971". He said Menem, that "new comprehensive measures according to the law take place after the submission of the official documents that prove the ownership of the project, namely, (a vacation industrial development or book the Registrar of Companies and the identity of the Federation of Industries and the identity of the Chamber of Commerce and the lease and certificate issued by the official authorities)."
He Menem, that "the number of projects covered by the provisions of the law of retirement and social security up to 11.30.2014 amounted to (46 150) spread over the three business segments project (private, and mixed, and cooperative) in Baghdad and the provinces except for the Kurdistan region," stressing "the presence of (45 876 ) guaranteed projects in the private sector and 84 projects in the mixed sector and (190) project within the cooperative sector. "

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