High Turkish exports to Iraq size of more than 5% in July

Alsumaria News / translation - The Iraqi Council of Turkish businessmen, Tuesday, rising Turkish exports to the size of Iraq more than 5% during the month of July, and expressed the hope that the volume of exports up to $ 10 billion later this year.

The head of the Council Secretary Taha told the newspaper "Daily morning" Turkish, "it was the final touches to re-establish trade cooperation between Iraq and Turkey over the re-establishment of the Iraqi-Turkish Business Council from the first week of the month of September the current situation."

Taha said "There will be exchange of visits between Iraq and Turkey by government officials, it will be the establishment of a free trade zone between the two countries in 2016, as well as increase the number of trade fairs and events between the two sides."

He stressed that "trade relations between the two countries were cut off because of the terrorist attacks that occurred during the past few months because of the organization Daash terrorist and the PKK, but despite that Turkish exports to Iraq increased by 5.4% volume rose in July after declining for 13 months."

Taha expressed hope that "the Turkish export volume up to 10 billion dollars in the end of this year," likely that "exports to rise by 20% in the next year."

The Prime Minister called Haider al-Abadi, (Friday December 26), the Turkish businessmen to participate strongly in the Iraqi market, noting that the 14 provinces in Iraq where war and its doors are open for investment do not exist.