Saleh al-Mutlaq attacking Abadi and his reforms

Brother - Baghdad - The president of the Arab coalition Saleh al-Mutlaq, Tuesday, that the reforms are going away from the demands, as he emphasized that it is not reasonable to adopt a certain point of all reform vocabulary, stressed the need that the reform process is not aimed at anyone as "politically motivated".

Mutlaq said on the sidelines of a meeting with a number of Anbar tribes We with "packages reforms announced by from a national perspective and the reform of government institutions and build a stable country, in accordance with justice and equality and achieve the hopes of the Iraqi people."

He stressed al-Mutlaq, that "the atmosphere and extrapolations introductions reform show that reforms are going away from the demands of the crowd and the concerns of our people, especially the displaced and the marginalized of us who were supposed to have their share of these reforms."

He said al-Mutlaq "is not reasonable to adopt a particular party or a particular party all vocabulary repair ruin, and he was a major cause of the finding and its implications on the role of reformer away from all the parties."

He explained, that "reforms, the goal of every honest citizen to keep the spoilers without damaging Baltuaqat to keep opponents and abuse of national history."

He stressed the need "that the reform process is not aimed at anyone politically motivated", adding that it should "reform process that will lead to a government of technocrats away from the party and the quota system."

Student and former deputy prime minister to "the formation of a neutral committee of efficiency owners have the ability to detect and combat corruption and under the supervision of the United Nations and with the help of international companies."

He continued that "the state does not have evidence of corrupt and despite the many groomed can not be a real state."