Financial: no worries on staff salaries during the current period
By: wab1
Date: Tuesday, 01-09-2015 01:51 am

Baghdad: Baghdad news
The Finance Ministry sent a letter of reassurance to the State officials not to cut

Paid during the current period, certain they are watching oil prices in the world market. "

He said financial Undersecretary, Fazil Nabi for "tomorrow", that "the salaries of State employees from the Ministry's priorities and are interested in securing particular junior", adding that "prospects for a global decline in oil prices could affect the country's economy in general because the balance dependent on oil sales to large proportions."
"The Ministry of Finance secured staff salaries and not fear them", adding that "the Ministry is closely watching oil prices globally, and creating things on the face in cooperation with other government agencies, to draw and to lay the foundations for a budget each year.