DG: some ambassadors earn illicit mercenaries!
Date: Tuesday, 01-09-2015 01:11 pm

The Deputy DG demanded Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi and Foreign Minister Ibrahim Al-Jaafari to form a Committee to evaluate all ambassadors and embassies for incidentals pulled some exploit for personal interests.
Nasif said in a statement that "some ambassadors who have more than one nationality failed in Iraq and of expression representation issues in international fora, they unfortunately expressing their views as if they were not second ambassadors to Iraq, and some are investing funds and embassies and incidentals and swakha for their benefit and the benefit of their children and their families, although those incidentals up to millions of dollars."
"There was information that some ambassadors have invested money in buying properties with embassies in Baghdad, and stakeholders to compare monthly income of Ambassador at those properties to see if they have the means to make illegal", noting that "some ambassadors who sell collectibles special Iraq Osirak".
Nassif, stressed the "need for the Prime Minister to form a Commission to re-evaluate all ambassadors and exclude any Ambassador prove it corruption, eliminating the incidentals embassies to prevent exploitation by others for personal benefit, and reviewing Baghdad's Foreign Ministry inspectorates".