Abjahoseh assurances of the Federal Court Act to a vote: the opinion of the Kurdistan disrupts passed

The balance of special-News - Confirmed the legal committee member Hamdiya Husseini, Tuesday, the Federal Court Act is completed to be displayed to a vote in parliament in the coming sessions, noting that the only dispute over the law is the opinion of the Kurdistan Alliance, which wants to be the court's decision after the vote of all members.

Husseini said L / scales News / "The Federal Court Act became ready for a vote in the parliament during the upcoming sessions of the House of Representatives passed in order," indicating that "this law will contribute significantly to the reform of the Iraqi judicial system."

She said the legal committee member of the parliamentary "The only difference between the political blocs about this law is the opinion of the Kurdistan Alliance to be the Federal Court decisions are taken unanimously," indicating that "this means that disruption to the work of the Federal Court Flo missed one member does not work for the court then."

The "National Alliance member Mowaffak al-Rubaie called, earlier, the Supreme Judicial Council to legislation permanent law to him and the election of its members on the basis of professional and get away from the foundations of the party, noting that the political blocs seeking to push the Federal Court Act forward and ratify it" .anthy 29/28